Smoky Quartz Rings

Excel like the Enigma that came out of nowhere with mysterious smoky quartz; it’s the stone of power you need on your fist and in your corner. Each of our raw smoky quartz rings is designed in New York City, and artisan handcrafted in Sri Lanka – a tiny island paradise steeped in legend, stamina and resilience. This is where our gem rocks are ethically unearthed, then hand chosen for their organic beauty, and combined with textured precious metals to create wearable talismans for the modern day.

Smoky quartz stones are set in their raw, unfaceted form, radiating crystal-charged energy acquired deep in potent terrain over millions of years. Each gem rock is so organically unique, it means no two Lassanai pieces are exactly alike. Each piece is as individual as its wearer. Smoky quartz rings range in stone tone from subtle taupes through to deep seductive browns that give every outfit neutral earthy edge. Lassanai’s smoky quartz rings are designed as mindful pieces to wear with intention, bringing strength, clarity, healing – and inimitable style –  to your everyday. Discover our handmade smoky quartz rings as a spiritual yet chic, and versatile addition to your own wardrobe, or as an exquisite and meaningful gift they’ll never forget.