Amethyst Cufflinks

Experience the primal power our one-of-a-kind raw amethyst cufflinks, designed in New York City and artisan created by hand in Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed gem rocks. Having formed over millions of years in potent underground terrain, each stone combines the innate beauty and ancient power of nature that we transform into wearable treasures for modern times.

We partner our raw gemstones with polished sterling silver to give the classic cufflink an earthy aesthetic edge. Swivel bar mechanisms make them easy to wear, and are built for durability. Amethyst’s deep purple adds bold yet elegant contrast to cuffs of all colors, perfect for those who like to accessorize with a little imagination. Our stones in our amethyst cufflinks have been hand selected for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic and potent crystal energies. Beyond its organic allure, each stone is super-charged with powers known to heal, inspire and protect.

With amethyst cufflinks in your corner, you’ll never lose your cool in work, life or play. Linked to the Greek god of wine, amethyst is believed protect against addiction and steer you clear of your naughtiest ‘Taboo’.

Discover our handmade amethyst cufflinks as a spiritual yet sophisticated day-to-day style statement for yourself, or as a meaningful gift to be worn with intention.