Lemon Quartz Pendants

A bright, sunny outlook accompanies lemon quartz, which magnifies mojo and motivates action so its wearer can go for gold, and get it every time. Discover the natural beauty and ancient power of our raw lemon quartz pendants, designed in New York City and artisan handcrafted in tropical Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed gem rocks. We combine these gem rocks with precious metals as wearable talisman treasures that become your stylish partner in spiritual crime, wherever you may roam.

Our one-of-a-kind gem rocks are filled with the earth’s energy, having spent millions of years forming underground. All of our gemstones have been ethically unearthed, then hand-selected, and set in their organic, unfaceted rock form which makes each pendant truly unique and never to be replicated. It means the pendant you purchase here, is precisely what you will receive. Each pendant comes with a handmade mid-length chain from the same artisans behind your pendant.

Lemon quartz’s happy luminosity adds fresh, sunny contrast to your look, wherever your day or night takes you. Radiate the intrinsic beauty and power of natural gemstones with an earthy edge that’s as individual as you. With uplifting lemon quartz in your corner, the world is yours.