Black Tourmaline Pendants

Discover the natural beauty and ancient power of our raw black tourmaline pendants, designed in New York City and handcrafted in Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed gem rocks. Each Lassanai pendant is genuinely one-of-a-kind, as each stone is set in its organic form, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike. This means is that the pendant you purchase here, is the exact piece you will receive. 

Our black tourmaline pendants combine brushed precious metals with raw gem rocks hand selected for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic and potent crystal energies. Beyond its organic allure, each stone is super-charged with powers after millions of years evolving underground.

Electric in nature, black tourmaline puts a powerful force field between you and bad vibes, repelling any toxic energy. We call this stone ‘Dark Horse’, for the wearer of black tourmaline can quickly find wild success, taking the world around them by surprise.

All of our black tourmaline pendants come with a premium quality mid-length chain that’s been lovingly handmade by the very artisans who created your pendant. Wear our black tourmaline pendants to add edge to your look, and imbue yourself with the power of nature. Wherever you roam, black tourmaline is your loyal partner in crime.