Clear Quartz Pendants

Manifest your every intention, with clear quartz in your corner. This master healing stone and mirror to the soul, is a rock star among crystals. The perfect ally for plotting new beginnings, clear quartz detoxifies the aura, eclipses bad vibes and boosts inner spark in its wearer.

Experience the natural beauty and power our one-of-a-kind raw clear quartz pendants, designed in New York City and handcrafted in Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed gem rocks. Our clear quartz pendants are genuinely one-off pieces, as each features an organic gem rock, hand selected for its beautifully raw aesthetic and potent crystal energies. This means the piece you purchase here is precisely what you will receive.

Beyond its visual allure, each stone is super-charged with powers acquired from forming in potent terrain under the earth’s surface over millions of years. Your clear quartz pendant acts as a wearable talisman to heal, guide and empower in the modern world. Each of our clear quartz pendants comes with a mid-length sterling silver chain that’s been handmade by our artisans. Our one-of-a-kind pendants are ideal for eclectic layering, or wearing alone. Empower your look, and your spiritual journey with a curation of your favorite pieces from Lassanai.