Black Tourmaline Cufflinks

Give your cuffs an earthy yet sophisticated edge with a pair of our black tourmaline cufflinks from our artisan handmade collection. Our hand-selected gem rocks radiate the power of nature with potent earth-charged energy that brings strength and intention to every wear. Each one-of-a-kind pair of black tourmaline cufflinks is designed in New York City and handcrafted in the tiny island paradise of Sri Lanka.

Electric in nature, black tourmaline puts a powerful forcefield between you and others, repelling toxic energies and bad vibes. Wearers of black tourmaline have been known to charge seemingly out of nowhere into swift evolution and wild success... taking those around them by surprise. It’s why we refer to this stone as the ‘Dark Horse’.

Lassanai’s gem rocks are set in their natural, unfaceted form – the way nature intended; and swivel bar mechanisms are built for durability and ease of use. Our handcrafted black tourmaline cufflinks are your style-meets-spiritual partner in crime. By wearing our men’s cufflinks, you bring the primal power of nature to your everyday world. In the boardroom, at the bar, or at a black tie event, black tourmaline cufflinks rock any cuff, suited look, and color palette. Find or gift our cufflinks to wear with intention, amplify style, and empower the journey.