Green Fluorite Pendants

Ripe with the color of growth, green fluorite empowers its wearer to turn a lush new leaf. Featuring organic gem rocks in their natural, organic form, our green fluorite pendants harness the intrinsic beauty and power of nature. All of our pendants are genuinely one-of-a-kind, designed in New York City, and artisan handcrafted in Sri Lanka.

Our green fluorite stones come in a range of green intensities, from subtle teals right through to deep emeralds. Regardless of shade, this stone’s luminosity is otherworldly, adding alluring glow to every look. Each one-off gem rock is thoughtfully selected by hand for its unique aesthetic. Each Lassanai stone possesses unique and potent crystal energies, having spent millions of years forming underground.

Each of our gemstones is ethically unearthed causing minimal harm to the environment, and stones are set in their natural, unfaceted rock form which makes each piece as unique as a fingerprint. Lassanai’s green fluorite pendants each come with a gorgeous handmade, mid-length chain to show off your gem.

Lassanai green fluorite pendants belong to our collection of women’s handmade jewelry, all soul-made with sustainability in mind. Our creations are designed as wearable treasures to wear with strength and intention. Prepare to evolve, for the wearer of green fluorite can expect greener grass, fresh ideas, and life-altering possibilities to explore and conquer.