Citrine Cufflinks

Experience the powers of raw gemstones with a pair of citrine cufflinks from Lassanai. A magnet for wealth and prosperity, citrine is known as the stone of success, bestowing its wearer with the Midas touch. Get ready to steer new possibilities into wild success and accomplishment, with a pair of our citrine cufflinks ‘on hand’.

Our hand selected gem rocks are filled with potent earth-charged energy that brings strength and intention to every wear. Each one-of-a-kind pair is artisan handmade on the island of Sri Lanka and designed in electric New York City.

Citrine’s golden glow beams like a magnet of prosperity, adding bold, luminous contrast to your look.  Citrine pops on blue and black; and adds a twist of sunshine to any crisp white cuffed shirt. Wherever your day or night takes you, our take on the classic cufflink gives your look an earthy aesthetic edge that’s as individual as you.   

Lassanai creates wearable talisman treasures that bring the power and beauty of nature to your world and your journey. Discover our handmade citrine cufflinks as a spiritual yet sophisticated day-to-day style statement for yourself, or as a special gift inspired by the intrinsic beauty of nature.