Rose Quartz Cufflinks

Experience the powers of raw gemstones with a pair of rose quartz cufflinks from Lassanai. Known as the heart stone, rose quartz is the ‘Lover’ of all gemstones, believed to open the heart, attract romance, and  bestow its wearer with the true meaning of love. Don’t be deceived by its gentle pinky tones and romantic connotations. This stone is perfectly suited to those who dare to be different and love to take risks. Real men aren’t afraid to wear pink.

Lassanai’s gemstones are ethically unearthed causing minimal harm to the environment, and stones are set in their natural rock form which means no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Each one-off pair of rose quartz cufflinks is designed in NYC and artisan handcrafted in Sri Lanka – a tiny island fortress steeped in legend and resilience.

Our one-of-a-kind rose quartz gem rocks are filled with the earth’s energy, having spent millions of years forming in potent terrain. We’ve given the classic cufflink an earthy aesthetic edge that brings the power of nature to your day-to-day. Soft pink rose quartz tones add a gentle pop of color to every colored cuff, and our swivel bar mechanisms are designed for durability and ease of use. Discover our handmade rose quartz cufflinks as a spiritual yet sophisticated style statement for yourself or as a unique and meaningful gift.