Moonstone Pendants

Channel the moon’s luminosity with our one-of-a-kind moonstone pendant. Featuring organic gem rocks in their natural organic form, our moonstone pendants harness the intrinsic beauty and power of nature as wearable talismans to be treasured. Moonstone’s magical play of light mimics that of the moon itself, illuminating your aura, your outfit, and everything around you. The Supernova of all crystals – moonstone is also hailed as an almighty, all-round healing stone; a must in every crystal first aid kit.

Each one-off rock featured in our artisan moonstone pendants has been thoughtfully hand-picked for its shape, color and glow factor. All of our gemstones are ethically unearthed, and set in their original raw rock state which means each pendant piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Lassanai moonstone pendants belong to our women’s handcrafted jewelry collection. Each piece is lovingly artisan handmade in Sri Lanka, and designed in New York City. Wear or gift your moonstone pendant as a spiritual yet stylish accessory that brings the power and beauty of nature to the world of its wearer. With each pendant comes an artisan handmade mid-length chain designed to celebrate your showpiece.  

Wear your Lassanai pendant alone, or stack and combine with other Lassanai pieces for an arsenal of crystal energies, and a truly magnetic look.