Smoky Quartz Cufflinks

Experience the powers of raw gemstones with a pair of smoky quartz cufflinks from Lassanai. Our collection of cufflinks comprises wearable talisman treasures that bring the power of nature to your look and your journey. Smoky quartz is hailed as the stone of power, for that which it bestows in its wearer. With smoky quartz in your corner, and on your cuffs, comes an alluring aura of accomplishment. Get set to conquer limitless goal in work and personal life, like the Enigma that no one saw coming.

Our hand selected gem rocks radiate primal power with potent earth-charged energy that brings strength and intention to every wear. Each one-of-a-kind pair of cufflinks is designed in New York City, and thoughtfully made by hand in Sri Lanka.

Raw gemstones and polished sterling silver give the classic cufflink an earthy aesthetic edge. Smoky quartz’s soft brown tones add neutral embellishment to your cuffs. Our stones are set in their natural rock form which means no two pieces are ever exactly alike, and swivel bar mechanisms are built for ease of use and durability. Discover our handmade smoky quartz cufflinks as a style statement that’s spiritual yet sophisticated – a versatile addition to your own wardrobe, or a unique gift for another to wear with meaning and intention.