Aquamarine Cufflinks

Experience the powers of raw gemstones with a striking-yet-subtle pair of aquamarine cufflinks from our artisan handmade collection. Our individually selected gem rocks are potent with earth-charged energy acquired over millions of years underground. Each one-of-a-kind pair of aquamarine cufflinks is designed in New York and made with thoughtful craftsmanship in Sri Lanka.

Aquamarine is the Anchor of all gemstones. By wearing aquamarine, you carry the calming energy of the ocean with you. Fresh as a sea breeze, aquamarine’s light blue color brings a cool splash of invigoration to your outfit, your aura, and your mood. It’s the Zen-seeker's ideal partner in life and meditation. This naturally luminous stone is the perfect complement to blue eyes, those who favor the color blue, and anyone who has an affinity with the water. A color of true versatility, aquamarine works with any colored shirt, and cufflinks feature swanky swivel bar mechanisms are built for style, durability and ease of use.

Lassanai combines raw gemstones with precious metals to give earthy yet sophisticated edge to the classic cufflink; and bring the primal power of nature to your world. Discover our handcrafted aquamarine cufflinks as a spiritual-meets-suave style statement for yourself, or as a meaningful gift to be worn with strength and intention.