Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Lassanai creates sterling silver cufflinks with intention. Lassanai’s collection of men’s handmade sterling silver cufflinks consists of wearable talismans that bring the power of nature to your world. Raw gemstones and polished sterling silver give the classic cufflink an earthy aesthetic edge. Each pair is made with thoughtful craftsmanship in Sri Lanka and designed in bustling New York City. Explore our collection to discover raw, artisan jewelry that makes a bold yet manly style statement.

Our artisan handmade sterling silver cufflinks come in a spectrum of cuff-worthy colors. Citrine is for those who love to hustle. Aquamarine anchors, always. Peridot inspires brazen adventure. Black tourmaline unleashes your inner dark horse. Smoky quartz amplifies your aura of mystery. Rose quartz unlocks your heart. Amethyst keeps you (mostly) out of trouble. Explore our handmade cufflinks for spiritual yet sophisticated day-to-day style statements.

Hand selected gemstones radiate primal power with potent earth-charged energy that brings strength and intention to every wear. Each pair of cufflinks features a silver swivel bar mechanism that’s durable, easy to use, and holds your cufflinks firmly in place. Our sterling silver cufflinks are designed to be worn alone, or paired with our men’s beads for amplified suave  factor. Exude natural style and harness the earth’s power with Lassanai’s handmade sterling silver cufflinks.