Aquamarine Rings

Lassanai creates artisan handcrafted jewelry with a story to wear, and to be told. Our collection of handmade aquamarine rings is imagined in New York City and mindfully crafted by hand in Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed gem rocks. Each gemstone is hand selected for its naturally striking aesthetic and crystal-charged energies that instill each Lassanai piece with the intrinsic beauty and power of nature.

It takes millions of years for each aquamarine rock to form underground, so each stone is charged with the earth’s ancient energy. Aquamarine is your ultimate Anchor. Imbued with the energy of the ocean, it brings clarity, courage and calm to your journey. We harness this ancient wisdom of nature, by combining gems with precious metals as wearable talisman treasures that amplify style and empower your journey in the modern world. Experience the power of raw gemstones with one of Lassanai’s designer aquamarine rings.  

Wear our aquamarine rings alone for striking subtlety, or partner them with our pendants and earrings for a rocking layered look and forcefield of crystal energies. Radiate natural beauty, exude sophistication, and coolly sail through life with one of our artisan handmade aquamarine rings on your fist and in your corner.