Moonstone Earrings

Make like a supernova in a pair of our luminous moonstone earrings. Featuring organic gem rocks in their natural unfaceted form, our moonstone earrings channel the intrinsic beauty and power of nature into your world. Moonstone’s enchanting play of light mimics that of the moon itself, and its magical energy illuminates your aura and everything around you. Moonstone also happens to be revered as a powerful all-round healing stone; a must in every crystal tool kit.

Each one-off moonstone featured in our artisan earrings has been hand-selected for its shape, color and luminosity. All of our gemstones is ethically unearthed, and honored in its original raw rock state which means each piece truly one-of-a-kind, like a fingerprint of nature.

Lassanai moonstone earrings belong to our women’s handcrafted jewelry collection. Each piece is lovingly artisan handmade in Sri Lanka, and designed in New York City. Wear or gift your moonstone earrings as a wearable talisman treasure that brings the power and beauty of nature to world of its wearer.

Subtly flaunt your moonstone earrings alone, or stack and combine with other Lassanai pieces for amplified style and a stealth combination of crystal energies. Radiate natural beauty and harness the earth’s power with a pair of our organic moonstone earrings, worn and cherished by women and girls of all ages.