Moonstone Rings

Make like a Supernova with one of our handcrafted moonstone rings on your fist, and in your world. Created with organic gem rocks in their natural rock form, our moonstone rings harness the magical allure and, power and wisdom of nature, as wearable talismans to be worn with intention. Moonstone’s magnetic luster mimics that of the moon itself, illuminating your look and everything around you. Almighty moonstone is also known as a powerful healing all-rounder – a must in every modern day crystal toolkit.  

Each one-off rock featured in our handmade moonstone rings has been thoughtfully handpicked for its shape, color and glow factor. Lassanai moonstone rings belong to our handcrafted designer jewelry collection; each piece is lovingly handmade in Sri Lanka, and designed in New York City.

We create unforgettable organic jewelry with a story to wear, and to be told. Wear or gift one of our organic moonstone rings as a spiritual-meets-style accessory that brings the power and beauty of nature to your universe. Our moonstone rings are designed to be worn alone or stacked and combined with other Lassanai pieces for a striking look and an arsenal of crystal energies that heal, guide, inspire and empower the journey.