Stackable Birthstone Rings

Lassanai creates organic artisan jewelry with a story to wear and be told. Our collection of birthstone stackable rings is designed in New York City and soulfully handmade in the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka. Our ethically unearthed birthstones are selected for their raw beauty and crystal-charged energies that empower your world every time you wear them.

Each of our birthstone stackable rings features a mini gem rock set in its organic unfaceted form. Each stone, however small, is charged with the earth’s power – potent with properties that inspire everyday healing, protection, guidance and empowerment. Wear our birthstone stackable rings alone as a subtle talisman, or stack them up as a forcefield of stone energies. 

Why are birthstones so meaningful? The origin of birthstones dates back 1000s of years, to the dawn of astrology. Every star sign is ruled by a ruling planet which has distinct attributes linked to a number of gemstones. When worn, birthstones channel these energies to fine-tune and enhance your own. The twist? You can benefit from another sign’s energy by wearing its stone, and fortify your own with a curation of gemstones deemed to be beneficial.

All of our birthstone stackable rings are handmade with one-off stones that vary in shape, size and color, so no two Lassanai pieces are exactly alike. Stones are set in skinny sterling silver bands with a gently buffed finish. Our gemstone stackable rings combine modern style with nature as it was intended – perfectly imperfect.