Womens Cufflinks

What's the difference between men's cufflinks and women's cufflinks? Absolutely nothing, it’s just that ours happen to be especially suited to him and her. Raw gemstones and polished sterling silver give the classic cufflink an earthy aesthetic edge, with a spectrum of colors to choose from.

Our hand selected gem rocks radiate primal power with potent earth-charged energy that brings strength and intention to every wear. Elevate your look and style aura, with our women’s cufflinks that channel the healing wisdom of raw, organic gemstones in colors to suit every crisp white cuffed shirt or power suit. We create truly striking, sustainable artisan jewelry with a story to wear on your sleeve.

Each one-of-a-kind pair is made with thoughtful craftsmanship in Sri Lanka and designed in electric  New York City where Lassanai’s founder herself frequently flaunts our women’s cufflinks, be it in a Manhattan office meeting, at a weeknight happy hour, or Hamptons weekend getaway.   

Discover our handmade women’s cufflinks as spiritual yet sophisticated style statements that transcend tradition. For the woman who values attention to style detail and believes gender biased fashion rules are begging to be broken. Not only will you look exceptional in a pair of our artisan women’s cufflinks, you’ll radiate warmth, color and have potent crystal energy in your corner.