Amethyst Earrings

Experience the natural beauty and power our one-of-a-kind raw amethyst earrings, designed in New York City and soul-made by hand in Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed gemstones. Having formed under the earth’s surface over millions of years, each stone combines the innate beauty and ancient power of nature that we transform into wearable treasures for modern times.

Our amethyst earrings combine precious metals with raw gem rocks hand selected for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic and potent crystal energies. Beyond its organic allure, each stone is super-charged with powers known to heal, inspire, guide and protect.

Amethyst is your ultimate battery recharge. A powerful purifier for the mind, body and soul, amethyst tames bad behaviors and inspires positive transformation. This almighty protector creates a bubble around its wearer – repelling all bad vibes. Linked to the Greek god of wine, amethyst is believed to steer you clear of your naughtiest ‘Taboo’ and protect against seduction of addiction.

While we match stones as best as possible, subtle asymmetry between stones in our stud earrings sets is intentional and true to nature. This is what makes every Lassanai piece as unique as a fingerprint.  Combine our amethyst earrings with other Lassanai pieces to fortify energies and layer your look.