Amethyst Rings

Designed in New York City and handmade in Sri Lanka, our amethyst rings harness the intrinsic beauty and power of nature as wearable talismans for modern times. Our range of designer amethyst rings features ethically unearthed gem rocks that have evolved in potent terrain over millions of years. Beyond striking natural beauty, each stone is filled with powers known to heal, guide, empower and protect. Each stone is so organically unique, it means no two Lassanai pieces are ever identical, and your amethyst ring is a unique one-off.

Lassanai’s combines precious metals in textured and polished settings, with raw gemstone rocks hand selected for their organic aesthetic and legendary crystal energies. Amethyst is not only your ultimate battery recharge, it’s an almighty purifier for mind, body and soul. We cheekily call amethyst ‘Taboo’, for its reputation to tame bad behaviors, repel bad vibes, and inspire positive transformation. 

Mix and match our handmade amethyst rings with Lassanai pendants and earrings for a layered look and an arsenal of crystal energies to amplify your look and empower your journey. Adorn yourself in Lassanai, or gift as a meaningful treasure. If you’re strongly drawn to amethyst, chances are this powerful stone has already chosen you as its wearer.