Citrine Earrings

Experience the legendary powers of gemstones with a pair of raw citrine earrings from Lassanai. Stone of success, citrine, is known as a magnet for wealth and prosperity, bestowing its wearer with the Midas touch. We at Lassanai like to call citrine ‘Hustle’, because it brings out the inner go-getter in all of us.

We use only hand-selected gem rocks, set in their unfaceted form, and potent with earth-charged energies that bring strength and intention to every wear. Each one-of-a-kind pair of our citrine earrings is artisan handmade in tropical Sri Lanka and designed in bustling New York City.

Citrine’s golden glow beams like a morning sunrise, adding bold yet earthy contrast to every look and skin tone. Prepare to be met with bright new possibilities and wild success, with a pair of our citrine earrings on your lobes and in your corner.

Lassanai creates wearable talisman treasures that bring the power and beauty of nature to your world and your journey. Discover our handmade citrine earrings as a spiritual yet stylish day-to-day accessory for yourself, or as a meaningful gift to be worn with intention.

Wear your favorite Lassanai earrings alone, or stack and combine pieces for a layered look and powerful combined energy field that empowers your every move.