Citrine Rings

Harness the power of raw gemstones with one of our handmade citrine rings on your fist. Stone of success, citrine is your partner in wealth and prosperity, imbuing its wearer with the Midas touch, and showering them with luck. We call it ‘Hustle’, because citrine unleashes the go-getter in anyone who wears it.

Each Lassanai piece is designed with genuine intention; our citrine rings are handcrafted to the highest quality, combining precious metals with textural finishes and organic gemstones in their raw, unfaceted form. Every stone is not only ethically unearthed, but hand selected for its organic beauty, one-of-a-kind aesthetic, and deep meaning. Each of our citrine rings is artisan handmade in Sri Lanka and designed in New York City.

Wear your citrine ring alone, or layer with other Lassanai pieces for an arsenal of crystal energies, and a look that truly rocks. Lassanai creates wearable talisman treasures that bring the power and beauty of nature to your modern day journey. Discover our handmade citrine rings as a spiritual-meets-style adornment for yourself, or as a meaningful gift to be worn with strength and intention. Prepare to encounter new and brilliant possibilities, with one of our designer citrine rings on your hand.