Clear Quartz Rings

Manifest your intentions like never before, with clear quartz on your fist. This master healing stone is a rock star among crystals. The ultimate ally for plotting new beginnings, clear quartz cleanses the aura, eclipses bad vibes, and fiercely amps its wearer’s inner spark.

Discover the natural beauty and power our one-of-a-kind clear quartz rings, designed in New York City and artisan handmade in Sri Lanka using raw, unfaceted gem rocks. Ethical unearthing causes minimal harm to the environment, and each stone has been hand selected for its alluring aesthetic and potent energies. Beyond its visual beauty, each stone is super-charged with the earth’s energy, acquired over millions of years forming underground in potent terrain.

Our clear quartz rings serve as wearable talismans to amplify style and empower your world with the ancient power and wisdom of nature on your side, and in your corner. Our handmade clear quartz rings are ideal for eclectic layering, or flaunting on their own. Rock your look, and enhance your spiritual journey with a curation of your favorite pieces from Lassanai. If you’re powerfully drawn to one of our clear quartz pieces, it’s more than likely already chosen you as its wearer, so go with it.