Designer Rings

Lassanai creates raw artisan jewelry with a story to wear and to tell. Our collection of handmade designer rings is imagined in New York City and mindfully made by hand in Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed gem rocks. Each gemstone is hand selected for its naturally beautiful aesthetic and crystal energies that imbue each Lassanai piece with the organic beauty and power of nature.

Our designer gemstone rings have been individually conceived to complement daytime and nighttime wear. The Double Deuce comfortably envelops any middle finger for ergonomic day-to-day adornment. The Double Deuce Cocktail Ring steps it up with glam factor. Designed as a sexy cocktail ring with a polished silver finish and protruding gemstones, this ring adds a twist of nighttime drama to cocktail hour. No little black dress is complete without one of these beauties.

Each striking piece comes with two stones, paired for their dual aesthetic; and for their amplified energies that empower the wearer 24/7. Our one-off pieces can be worn alone or stacked and combined to layer energies and fortify your look. Radiate natural beauty, exude sophistication, and harness the power of raw gemstones with Lassanai’s collection of designer gemstone rings.