Garnet Earrings

Garnet is the color of passion, and that’s exactly what a pair of our garnet earrings will ignite in your aura. Featuring organic gem rocks in their natural, unfaceted form, our garnet earrings are inspired by the intrinsic beauty of nature. All of our artisan earrings are designed in bustling New York City and thoughtfully handcrafted in tropical Sri Lanka.

Lassanai garnet earrings belong to our women’s handmade jewelry collection, soul-made from ethically unearthed gem rocks. We combine these raw gemstones with precious metals to create wearable treasures that bring the power and innate beauty of nature to your day-to-day. Each stone is hand-selected for its alluring aesthetic and potent crystal energies. Find your perfect pair of handmade earrings to wear with intention, amplify style, and empower your journey.

Wear your Lassanai earrings alone, or stack and combine with other pieces to truly rock your look, and fortify crystal energies for maximum effect. Believed to boost the libido of life, fiery garnet’s red tones add sophisticated color to any daytime outfit; and sultry edge to evening looks that’ll turn heads. Radiate natural beauty and harness the power of raw gemstones with a pair of our handmade earrings for yourself, or as a meaningful gift for women and girls of all ages.