Explore our one-of-a-kind small stud earrings for girls, handcrafted with ethically unearthed gem rocks and precious metals. All of our earrings are designed in New York City and soul-made in the tiny island paradise of Sri Lanka.

Our small stud earrings were created for women, but it turns out little girls can’t get enough of the them either. Who can resist the magical power of gemstones? Our  are perfect for little ears as pretty adornment that’s playful and fun with a little crystal-charged power thrown in.

There’s a girls’ earrings color for every outfit, and to suit every youthful mood.  Solid sterling silver is kind to young ears, and the natural luminosity of our stones makes every little girl glow with happiness.  

Select the perfect pair of girls’ earrings by birthstone, color, or the magical crystal powers each stone possesses. Young girls who love sunsets will appreciate citrine’s amber glow. She who loves the water, will love baby blue aquamarine. Pretty in pink is she who wears rose quartz, but edgy black tourmaline and amethyst are a perfect fit for girls with spunk.

Discover our range of stud earrings for girls and share the magic of raw gemstones as the ideal gift for girls of all ages.