Green Fluorite Earrings

Ripe with the color of growth, green fluorite empowers its wearer to turn a lush new leaf. Featuring organic gem rocks in their natural, unfaceted form, our green fluorite earrings are inspired by the intrinsic beauty of nature. All of our earrings are designed in New York City and lovingly handcrafted by artisans in Sri Lanka.

Green fluorite comes in varying intensities of green, ranging from subtle translucent teals, to deep emeralds. Irrespective of shade, there’s something simply magical about this stone’s otherworldly luminosity which adds alluring glow to every outfit, skin tone and hair color.  

Each one-off stone is thoughtfully selected by hand for its shape, color and all-round aesthetic. Our gemstones are ethically unearthed causing minimal harm to the environment, and stones are set in their natural, unfaceted rock form which makes each piece truly unique.

Lassanai green fluorite earrings belong to our collection of women’s handmade jewelry, all soul-made with sustainability in mind. Our creations are designed as wearable treasures that bring the power and innate beauty of nature to your day-to-day lifestyle. Each Lassanai stone possesses potent crystal energies, having spent millions of years evolving under the earth’s surface; with green fluorite comes fresh perspective, greener grass, new ideas, and ambitions that flourish.