Peridot Rings

Unleash your inner Brazen and live fearlessly with one of Lassanai’s handmade peridot rings on your hand, and in your corner. Our ethically unearthed gem rocks are super-charged with the earth’s ancient energy and wisdom, having formed over millions of years deep in potent terrain. Handmade peridot rings belong to our collection of entirely handmade jewelry that is conceived in electric New York City and artisan handmade in the tiny island paradise of Sri Lanka.

Each of our peridot gem rocks is hand-selected for its organic beauty, then paired with precious metals in textured finishes. Lassanai jewels act as wearable talismans to that elevate your style, and empower your journey. Peridot’s natural green glow adds instant luminosity to every look, as an earthy yet sophisticated accessory to wear with intention. All of our designer handmade jewelry can be worn alone or stacked and combined to fortify crystal energies and amplify your world with strength and intention.  

With passport to adventure, peridot, on your fist, your world becomes your oyster and possibilities beckon. Experience the power of raw gemstones and harness the beauty of nature with one of our handmade peridot rings. Can’t take your eyes off a peridot piece? It’s already chosen you as its wearer.