Rose Quartz Rings

Discover our handmade rose quartz rings as your stylish partner in spiritual crime, to be worn with strength, intention and big heart. ‘Lover’ of gemstones, rose quartz, is known to truly open the heart of its wearer. Lassanai’s designer rose quartz rings are conceived in New York City, and artisan handmade in Sri Lanka.

Potent with the earth’s energy and wisdom, our raw rose quartz gem rocks are hand-selected for their natural allure and crystal powers – bringing love, guidance and protection to their wearers. All of our gem rocks are all ethically unearthed, and set in their natural rock form which means your Lassanai piece is as individual as you.

Experience the intoxication of this universal heart stone with one of our artisan handmade rose quartz rings. Our creations harness the intrinsic beauty and ancient power of nature to serve as wearable talisman treasures for your modern day-to-day. Wear your ring alone, or stack and combine with other luxury Lassanai pieces for maximum crystal power and a style that’s your own.

With rose quartz on your hand comes heart-on-sleeve energy which makes our rose quartz rings powerful self-adornments; or meaningful gifts for those could use a little more love in their world (or simply love pink)!