Smoky Quartz Earrings

Smoky quartz is revered as the stone of power, for that which it unleashes in its wearer. With smoky quartz in your corner and on your lobes, comes an alluring aura of accomplishment. Prepare to excel and conquer, like the Enigma that no one saw coming.

Each one-of-a-kind pair of smoky quartz earrings is designed in electric New York City, and artisan handmade in the tiny tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka. We combine precious metals with ethically unearthed gemstones in their raw unfaceted form, that celebrate nature as it was intended. Each stone radiates crystal-charged energy acquired over millions of years under the earth, bringing the power of nature to your sense of style.

Smoky quartz stones naturally come in a range of tones, from soft taupes, to deep rich chocolates that give your look subtle earthy edge. As our stones are set in their natural rock form, every piece is as unique as its wearer; and no two Lassanai pieces are exactly alike.   

Our smoky quartz earrings are conceived as wearable talisman treasures to wear with intention. Discover our handmade earrings as a meaningful style statement that’s spiritual yet chic; a versatile complement to your own wardrobe, or an unforgettable gift.