Stackable Sterling Silver Rings

Designed in New York City and soulfully handmade in Sri Lanka, Lassanai creates ethical artisan jewelry with a story to wear, and to be told. Our collection of sterling silver stackable rings combines modern style with the intrinsic beauty and power of nature.

All of our stones are ethically unearthed, then hand-selected for their raw aesthetic beauty and crystal-charged energies. Each of our sterling silver stackable rings features a mini gem rock set in its organic, unfaceted form. Though small, each stone is charged with the power of the earth; potent with properties that inspire, guide, protect and empower you on your journey. All of our sterling silver stackable rings are handmade with genuinely one-off stones that vary in shape, size and tone, so no two Lassanai pieces are exactly alike.

Wear our sterling silver stackable rings alone, or stack to your heart’s content. Choose from a spectrum of colors (subtle through bold). There’s one for every mood, skin tone and outfit. Allow your intuition to guide your choice; opt for your birthstone; or identify which stone energies you’d most benefit from. Combine several for ‘stack impact,’ and a layered forcefield of energies to amplify your aura. Radiate natural beauty and harness the power of raw gemstones with Lassanai’s collection of sterling silver stackable rings.