Sterling Silver Rings

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Lassanai’s sterling silver rings combine textured settings with raw gemstone rocks, hand-selected for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic and powerful crystal-charged energies. All of our sterling silver rings are designed in New York City and artisan handmade in Sri Lanka using ethically unearthed stones.

Our collection of sterling silver rings online features organic gem rocks that have evolved under the earth’s surface over millions of years. Beyond striking natural beauty, each stone is potent with powers known to heal, soothe, inspire and empower. We honor each mineral marvel as a wearable ancient treasure for modern times.

The stones chosen for our sterling silver rings are raw and unfaceted and perfectly imperfect – as nature intended. This means no two Lassanai pieces are exactly alike, and your sterling silver gemstone ring is one-of-a-kind.  Select from a spectrum of subtle to bold colors designed to be worn and enjoyed every day

Layer our stackable birthstone rings to your heart’s content. Command respect in our Macho statement rings, and flaunt raw style from day into night with our a.m./ p.m. designer two-stone rings. Explore our range of handmade sterling silver rings online to find the one that speaks to you. You may find it’s already chosen you as its wearer.