Women's Handmade Jewelry

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Explore our women’s handmade jewelry collection to discover unique, raw jewelry soul-made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials. We combine precious metals with raw gem rocks hand selected for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic and potent crystal energies. Our collection of women’s handmade jewelry consists of wearable treasures that bring the power of nature to your day-to-day lifestyle. Find your perfect match to wear with intention, amplify individual style and empower your journey.

Each one-off stone is thoughtfully selected by hand for its shape, color and all-round aesthetic. Our gemstones are ethically unearthed causing minimal harm to the environment, and stones are set in their natural, unfaceted rock form which makes each piece truly unique. Lassanai’s women’s handmade jewelry collection of artisan earrings, rings and pendants, is designed in New York City and thoughtfully handmade to the highest quality in Sri Lanka – a tiny island paradise steeped in legend, stamina and resilience.

Each Lassanai piece can be worn alone or stacked and combined to fortify energies and layer your look. Radiate natural beauty and harness the power of raw gemstones with Lassanai’s collection of handcrafted jewels. Find the piece that speaks to you. Chances are it’s already chosen you as its wearer.